Domestic Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificate ExampleThe energy performance certificate is very similar to those displayed on domestic appliances.

A Certificate shows how energy efficient a home is on a scale from A to G. The most efficient being in band A.

The certificate also shows on a scale of A to G the impact the home has on the environment. The better the rating the less Carbon Dioxide CO² emissions.

The average properties in England & Wales fall into bands D & E for both ratings.

The Certificate also provides recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency and thereby how to save money and help the environment.

Why EPCs have been introduced

The energy service business is one to which the international governments including the UK have committed both on a political and practical level.

Inspection Solutions can help you make your home energy efficient and environmentally friendly by implementing the recommendations of the specific details of the survey of your property.

The government is targeting a 26% reduction in CO² emissions by 2020 and a 60% reduction by 2050. With buildings accounting for approximately 50% of current emissions, they offer the greatest scope for reducing emissions without a dramatic change in lifestyle. EPCs will provide accurate information on these emissions.

You can use EPCs to energy manage your estate

Everyone has a duty to help the environment and if they adopt a proactive approach to energy management it will improve their profile.

Energy management will become more important as utility costs continue to rise. An EPC will point out both short term and long term ways of improving the energy efficiency of the building and will subsequently provide useful information for Landlords as well as potential purchasers or tenants.

There is no obligation to carry out EPC recommendations

You are not obliged to carry out the recommendations on the EPC. The measures listed on the certificate are recommendations only and are provided to inform potential purchasers and tenants. They do not have to be carried out and no penalties are awarded if they are not implemented.

Values will eventually be influenced by EPCs

EPCs will soon become an essential document in the marketing process. We may soon see both vendors and purchasers using them to negotiate on price as purchasers and tenants will argue that the energy inefficient building will cost more to run and may be expensive to improve.

The government is strongly pushing the development of green leases.

New green leases being introduced by landlords are being viewed with energy consumption in mind.

Issues such as water usage, waste production and energy consumption are being considered for links to penalties or incentives when setting new leases. A tenants performance against targets in these areas could be used as a factor when negotiating rent reviews on existing leases. Clauses including Energy Performance could become common place on new lease agreements.