What if the relevant person doesn’t supply the EPC?

If the relevant person or his/her agent does not provide an EPC upon inspection or with sales particulars then he/she is liable to a fine from the local weights and measures authority (trading standards officer). The officer can ‘require a person who appears to him to be subject to any duties under the regulations to produce a copy of a valid EPC at any time up until 6 months after the marketing took place’.

There are heavy fines for not providing one, for example a fine in the case of a commercial property is based on a number of criteria but is mainly calculated on 12.5% of rateable value between a minimum of £500 and a maximum of £5,000.

The regulations state that the officer can give a penalty charge notice to any person who has committed a breach of any duty under the various parts of the regulations, in particular, ‘the person giving the particulars’ and ‘the relevant person’.

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