Who can provide an EPC and what do they do?

  • A Commercial EPC can only be produced by a qualified Non Domestic Energy Assessor.
  • A Domestic EPC can only be produced by a qualified Home Inspector or Domestic Energy Assessor.

To qualify an energy assessor has to attend specific training courses, pass exams and carry out several monitored energy reports before he/she is accepted on a government approved accreditation scheme.

The basic standard for Domestic is a level 3 assessor who is qualified to provide EPC’s for an the majority of homes although there are exceptions beyond their expertise.

For commercial properties a level 3 assessor is qualified for an estimated 70% of commercial properties in England and Wales. A level 4 is required to assess properties with a more complex heating or cooling system, typically air conditioning whilst highly complex building such as shopping centres with say an atrium or other complex structures would require a level 5 assessor.

The commercial energy assessor works with a standard software system that is referred to as SBEM.

The domestic energy assessor produces certificates using a package known as rdSAP.

Display energy certificates are produced using software nkown as ORCALC.

The commercial energy assessor will record and assess the thermal efficiency of the fabric of the building the walls, roof, floors, windows, etc; and all the services including heating, lighting, cooling, ventilation, type of switches, etc.

The building is zoned in some detail based on activity and energy usage of that zone. This data is then entered into the software and the final assessment is made. A number of recommendations will be generated to which the assessor may add some of their own.

A similar process is followed for domestic although the zoning is not necessary as there are natural splits like, kitchens, bathrooms etc.

The main cost of the EPC reflects the level of skill and knowledge of an energy assessor and the time it takes to record all the relevant data and input it into the software to obtain the EPC.

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