Security Policy Statement

Inspecting Property

  • Carry and produce own identification to assist the introduction of myself to clients.
  • Not allow unauthorised entry of third parties to otherwise vacant property
  • Ensure property is secure prior to leaving/inform responsible person on site I am leaving and advise of any risks to the property
  • Ask for identification of people at the property who were not expected to be there
  • Carry contact information of client in case I need to clarify any of the above or in case of unexpected delay they can be advised of the expected time of arrival
  • If holding keys, as above ensure these are kept safe and returned ASAP after inspection
  • Re-set any alarms and destroy appropriately any information indicating alarm codes as quickly as possible after last use to maintain security.

Security of Information

This is a statement detailing the security risks to information held in my possession in the course of my duties as an HI and Commercial Energy Inspector and the measures I will take to minimise risk.

The risks that can occur to information are: Loss - Misplacement - Unauthorised access


  • Computer is password protected
  • Password protected screen saver which is activated after 5 minutes of non use
  • Password screen activates if the computer screen is closed or the laptop is put into "sleep" mode
  • When not in use, the laptop is either powered down or in my possession

Internet Access

  • Ensure Internet gateway is protected. The computer uses a wireless protocol and the wireless box is not detectable unless:

    A special button is pressed on the wireless box to put it into "link" mode

  • The encryption (WPA) key is entered
  • The computer trying to log onto the system is activated from the laptop (the only place it can be activated). To do this, the user must know which file to open and also enter another password to gain access to the administration screens

It is therefore impossible for an outside-unauthorised computer to gain access to our laptop computer. Further Internet Protection is provided by way of Spy ware Doctor and firewall software that is automatically updated each time I log onto the Internet. Incoming and outgoing files are scanned for viruses as well as application software files (such as Microsoft excel spreadsheets) each time they are opened.

Back-up of files

  • External storage device kept away from the computer (unless up loading)
  • External hard disk is password protected and cannot be opened unless correct password is entered, external disk drive is locked in a metal cabinet when not in use.

Clerical Records

  • Clerical records (site notes etc) do not contain any personal information
  • Company operational documents and client information are kept on separate password protected systems
  • Data is securely uploaded to the storage medium of the pack providing company
  • Data kept on secure disk
  • Any records where a pack providing company has not been used are stored securely in electronic format and clerical records are archived securely
  • All practical measures are taken to ensure the security of information and date whilst ensuring that retrieval time is kept to a minimum
  • Data will only be disclosed to those persons entitled to view it
  • Personal information that does not need to be kept will be shredded
  • Only pertinent and minimal personal information will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998